“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together” A small, simple, yet profound framework – the Johari window, nearly passed me by in my work as a business psychologist. When I first met the Johari window nearly 20 years ago, I didn’t appreciate its depth. It looks […]

Why Self-Awareness Matters Self-awareness is touted as one of those leadership rites of passage. A goal in and of itself. To become more self-aware is to be one step further along the road to enlightenment. Or so we’re led to believe. However, self-awareness alone doesn’t make you a better human being, a better team player, […]

I met with David Fish in November 2016 after a few tricky attempts to pin a date in the diary for a coffee. What I hadn’t anticipated was the ensuing book swap. I was shortly to receive a copy of Inner Leadership – a book written and published by David about his coaching approach. Only […]

Did you ever believe you could change the world? Did you ever stop believing? In Drawdown, Paul Hawkens, in collaboration with researchers across the globe, details the top 100 ways in which we can not only stop the level of greenhouse gases increasing, but drawdown CO2 from the atmosphere, reducing the level of greenhouse gases […]

What’s your meta-story? I was working with a client going through a difficult point of transition and acquisition. As Helena looked at the choices, it struck me that her meta-story was one of scarcity. There are few options and none are optimal, everything we have built will be lost. She was worried about her function. How […]

Having a sense of Agency is about having the awareness that you are creating choices, acting on those choices and have a sense of control and can create opportunities in your world. In one of the richest cities on earth there are people for whom life is an increasingly desperate struggle. People who are a […]

“I think I’ve spotted a gap and I’m working on an idea to bridge it, and by the way, you can’t tell anyone, not a soul” When I was invited for a coffee by Katy towards the beginning of Aptimore, I knew I was going to step into a project that had the potential to redefine […]

Colin Powell(1) is quoted as saying “Leaders honor their core values, but they are flexible in how they execute them.” As Jeremy Corbyn steps up to the plate as leader of the Labour Party, what might other leaders learn from his unwavering, principled approach? In this post, I look across 5 elements of Leadership in […]

Yesterday, I was asked for some input into an article about how to improve interdepartmental communication by reducing confusion and fostering empathy. A simple question perhaps, a list of communication how to’s is surely all that’s required. But let’s step back a moment to gain a fuller perspective. Working in a particular profession, you get […]

When I first received a call from Bruce Barclay about 18 months ago, he invited me to participate in an event. The event was intended to deliver a culture of Service Excellence across an integrated FM platform. Bruce had heard me speak at a conference with a colleague, and thought I might be able to […]

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