An introduction to Gestalt: Fooling around with a bag of tricks and a bunch of gimmicks…or not?

In this half day workshop, we work with the three fundamental Gestalt principles of awareness: phenomenology, dialogic existentialism, and wholism. Sound like a mouthful? It’s very simple – working with what’s evident, what’s easy to get hold of, what’s at the surface. We will discuss, experiment and consider how this simple approach fits into practice.

Raising awareness is a core aspect of coaching practice. So, whether you’re aware of it or not – Gestalt is a core underpinning framework. I’d even go so far as to say, that you are probably using some techniques already:

  • the practice of gestalt therapy forms the underpinnings of many NLP techniques and ideas
  • the relationship – what happens between the coach and the coachee – integral to working through a Gestalt lens?
  • skilled practice requires full presence – developed through techniques that we know as ‘mindfulness’ today?

In this workshop the aim is to increase your awareness about what resources you have available through all your five senses. Bring your full self, be prepared to be open, challenged and co-create a great learning event.

“Highly practical – gently facilitated”

“Great introduction to the field – there was content that can be applied to my coaching and interested in learning more”

“Interesting, practical, thought-provoking session. Came away with ideas of new tools I could introduce into my coaching work and lots of ideas of things to notice about myself”

“Real integrity in presentation, grounded, open”

“Really enjoyed Alison’s approach and demeanour – she made it a great environment to be curious and learn’.”

“Would like to have more time’ x 3”

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