Coaching Approach

Over 20 years, I have developed a coaching approach that integrates business reality and psychological theory. This approach allows me to work at the client’s ‘comfortably uncomfortable’ learning edge and create a shift or transformation in how they see themselves, their world and their ability to make a difference.

The starting point in any coaching work is to build trusted working relationships. As equals, we decide how we are going to work together and what we are going to do to make the most out of the opportunity. This working alliance is critical to the success of every coaching assignment.

Through questioning and appropriate challenge, clients reframe, drill down, and pan out from what they think they already know.

I build on the strengths of my clients. My coaching methodology is focused on impact.

I hold a curious frame judging the value of thoughts and behaviours in terms of the impact they have: Do they enable or disable; how do they enable, what patterns are emerging and what do we need to adjust to have a different impact.

Together we may experiment with standing differently, breathing differently, speaking differently, sitting in a different place in a system, mapping things out – to experience and learn what shifts might enable forward momentum.

My coaching is about building capability, sharing insight and supporting my clients to learn in a way that remains long after our final meeting has ended.

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