Big Questions

Truly effective organisations and the people that work within them are prepared to ask challenging questions that provoke insight, create new perspectives and generate different actions.

The art of robust reflection and creative challenge can lead to a shift in perspective that generates greater capability to focus, commit and act.

My role as a coach is to create a safe enough and challenging enough space to think, play, experiment and learn, as well as to offer questions without judgement that create dynamic, purpose-led growth.

What’s your big question?

As a Leader: “How can I do all of this without killing myself?” “Am I any good?” “How do I show up to others as a leader?”

As a Person: “Who am I and what do I really want do to with my life?” “Can I get a bit of a balance between work and life?”

As a Team: “Who are we and what are we doing here?” “Are we a team?” “How can we sort out the way we work together to make things easier,  to have more impact?”

As an Organisation: “We’ve got some ways of working that we’ve inherited, how can we all get together behind the same objective”We need to change how we’re working, to transform – how can we do that?” “How can I get people to see that if we work together we’ll all be successful?” “Are we going in the right direction?”

Small answers, big impact: Everyone changes the world one step at a time. There are huge gains to be made by working differently, stepping beyond old patterns, aligning towards a compelling future and building the habits for success.

All those who I work with are already incredibly successful in what they have achieved and overcome.

It’s not about fixing- it’s about identifying the 1% that will make a positive difference.

For each leader, each team, each business – each 1% translates into a big impact.

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