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We are a micro business who work with people in organisations and communities. Alison has been working independently for more than 20 years, Gordon, her husband, joined in 2020. As Psychologists working in organisations and our community, we focus on enabling flourishing of all those we engage with. Shifting people’s sense of freedom and fulfilment. Our clients find a sense of inner confidence, capability, and often come to a new sense of awareness about who they are and their purpose.

Our work involves providing individual coaching services, support to develop leaders and their teams, leader as coach programmes and facilitation of strategic planning events.

Committed to a thriving future for all, our work extends in to our community and our professions, we are constantly exploring how we impact positively for social change. This often entails pushing at the edges of our understanding, disrupting, exploring what else might be possible and creating pathways together with others to impact positively in the world.

Drawing on living systems thinking and regenerative principles, we are constantly improving our social and environmental impact. Our sustainability policy has more details.

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